Culture Syndicate and the future

Having decided to redesign the website for the Culture Syndicates each of us decided to focus on areas of the website and its content which needed an overhaul.  For those of you familiar with the website that meant scrutinising every section with wholesale changes required.

This led to discussions of what we wanted to keep, what we wanted to change and of course the obligatory mission statement.  These discussions, in regards to the mission statement and what images were to be used, sparked a lively and passionate debate.  In doing so memories of visitor survey work outside Greens Mill Windmill in the heart of winter; the evaluation of Nottinghamshire County Council’s collection stores; and judging museums for the Nottinghamshire Heritage Awards, all came flooding back. 

Alongside it thoughts and reasons for first wanting to join the sector were discussed.  Foolhardy dreams such as becoming Curator of the Louvre by our 30th birthday; the excitement of unearthing the provenance of previously mundane objects and the thrill of caring for or displaying an object alongside its story led us to believe that this was to be a career worth pursuing.

However with jobs, QANGOS and the hopes of an entire generation of graduates going the way of the DCMS we like many were wondering would that dream job ever come along?  This led to a review of interview ‘war stories’ and a look back at a truly remarkable year with the Culture Syndicates.  What was to be a vehicle to help land that first job has now become an incredible opportunity in its own right. The Culture Syndicates has enabled us to engage in so many different facets within the sector that within a year a CV, previously limited to volunteer experience, is now growing into an enhanced CV of interest to many within the sector.

Although jobs remain scarce opportunities continue to present themselves. With further projects and increased membership for the Culture Syndicates 2013 will be a truly exciting time.


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