Are Museums Ready for QR Codes?

One of the first projects Culture Syndicates undertook was to experiment with QR codes as part of a wider digital initiative undertaken by the Galleries of Justice Museum. This was funded by the Digital Ambassador Network. The project is just coming to an end now and the results will be shared in due course. However, the project commenced with a pre-evaluation survey in the autumn of 2011. We looked to target a younger age group for the survey and successfully  got 81% of respondents that were aged between 18 and 30.

Could QR codes be a way to attract this great lost audience to museums?

What did Culture Syndicates find out?

  • 88% of the target audience knew what QR codes were.
  • The most knowledgeable being in the 22-25 age range.
  • Most lack the confidence to use them without assistance (76%). Therefore at this stage of development any interpretation needs clear explanation.
  • The anecdotal evidence from respondents suggested a mix of content which should be different from the museum website offerings.

So we quickly got an indication that it was very early in the world of QR code use, but we had some guidance to set about piloting the codes in one of the Galleries of Justice Museum exhibitions.

Next  – what is the best content for QR codes?


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